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We supply utility vehicles to suit your specific needs e.g. fire, power, engineering, mobile workshop.

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Evems.com - Fire Engines For Sale - Toyota Hilux Utility

Fire Engines For Sale

Toyota Hilux Utility

Item Ref: 99

These are bespoke built non fire fighting utility vehicles designed to meet the needs of...

  • Powerline / Electricity Companies
  • Water Companies
  • Mountain Rescue
  • Fire Brigade Equipment or BA Carriers
  • Phone Companies
  • Essentially these vehicles can be used by anyone who has a need to carry tools, spares and equipment and needs the off road capability that the Toyota affords them.

    With a bespoke made of polypropylene back fitted with fixed shelves, sliding drawers or both. you can have any configuration of storage space that you require. also winches, int & ext lighting, roof racks, rear steps and much more.

    We can also supply and fit the truck man top pictured with a range of different storage systems and a range of colours.


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