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Evems.com - Fire Engines For Sale - Toyota Hilux CAT 2 RFFS

Fire Engines For Sale

Toyota Hilux CAT 2 RFFS

Item Ref: 98

Toyota Hilux HL2 2.5ltr Right or Left Hand Drive (manual Transmission)
Bespoke colour coded polypropylene rear body with six internal lockers for kit and equipment storage.
3500kg GVW upgrade with rear air suspension kit.
Silver powder roller shutters fitted to the locker shutters.
Hale HPX 100 single stage fire fighting pump with stainless steel pipe work and fittings 550 litre per minute output.
Internally mounted 750ltr polypropylene water tank with blow off lid and water level gauge.
Internally mounted 40ltr polypropylene foam tank with 6% induction system.
Electronic water, chemical & fuel level senders.
Remote operated Front bumper mounted monitor. (Optional Extra Cost Option)
Antares dual screen electronic pump control system (Optional Extra Cost Option).
Polypropylene in-cab PPE storage system.
Front, side and rear blue LED fend off lights giving 360 degrees of light coverage.
O/side and N/side mounted Woodway scene lights.
43” RSG Legion light bar and Airport flash pattern amber beacon.
Universal compact lighting control handset with siren and built in speaker.
2 x rear mounted LED spot lights.
LED strip lighting for interior lighting of locker space.
100 amp Auxiliary battery.
4 x Hankook Dyna pro MT on and off road snow and mud capable tyres.


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