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Fire Engines For Sale

Evems Home System

Item Ref: 153

This is a home pump setup we have put together which can be used for fire fighting, flood defence or general water delivery.

It comprises:-

1 x 500lpm Pump 1 x 2" inlet, 1 x 2" outlet + 2 x 1" HP outlets
1 x 23m x 45mm layflat hose with nylon couplings
1 x Fire fighting Branch with Pistol Group (extra cost option)
1 x 8ft Length of Layflat Hose
1 x Suction Strainer
1 x Hand Cart (extra cost option)

This pump is capable of lifting water from up to 8m and has a head (distance water can be pumped) of up to 90m 

This set up is ideal for anybody who simply need a compact reliable system which can be setup without the involvement of heavy pump systems.

Small enough to be kept in a shed or garage yet powerful enough to provide the first response you need.

Video of Pump Test


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