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Frequently Asked Questions

Question Can a preservationist purchase an appliance from you? 
Answer Sorry but we do not sell current (in service model) fire appliances to private buyers.
Question Can anyone buy a fire engine from Evems Ltd.?

The simple answer to this is NO!

To purchase a vehicle from us you need to meet one of the following criteria.

  • You must be a recognised Fire Authority
  • You must be a recognised industrial brigade
  • You must be able to show a legitimate use for an appliance
  • The vehicle is to be permanently exported

We absolutely will NOT sell an appliance if you are looking to use a vehicle for any kind of hire and reward e.g. Fire Engine Limousine or for use as any kind of marketing gimmick.

Vehicles sold by Evems Limited have a usable life and will only be sold to buyers who are able to meet or exceed the above criteria.

Question Can I drive a fire engine on a car license?
Answer NO!

Unless the vehicle has a GVW of under 7,500kg, you cannot drive an appliance on a car licence.

Question Can you locate appliances for customers?
Answer We are happy to try and source machines for customers.
Question Do fire engines need an MOT?
Answer Vehicles sold in the UK which are not supplied to Fire Authorities e.g. Industrial brigades etc. are not subject to the same DVLA exemptions and will therefore require an appropriate MOT.
Question Do you accept part exchanges?
Answer Customers looking to part exchange a vehicle should provide a comprehensive report on the vehicle accompanied by a good range of photos to include shots of the vehicle from all sides with lockers up and down, crew cab area and in particular the pump bay.

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