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Fire Engines For Sale

Carmichael Unipower 6 x 6

Item Ref: 239

MFV2 6x6 Airport Fire Fighting Vehicle
Built originally between 1997 and 2001 with a Power Train (engine and transmission replacement programme between 2007 and 2013).
Alvis Unipower RE6 6x6 chassis
5 man stainless two door cab
Caterpillar C18 700bhp four stroke diesel engine
Allison fully automatic transmission
Cushman Power Divider
Performance: Top speed: 107kph. 0-80 kph in 27 seconds
6825 litres of water
820 Litres of foam
2 x 100kg ‘Drop Down trolleys
Pump: Godiva Multi-Pressure 5300 Litres per min
Roof Monitor: 3000 Litres per minute at 14 Bar, manual control
Bumper Monitor: 1000 Litres per minute at 14 bar, remote control
Two off Regulated Side lines ..... 450 Lpm restricted to 7 bar per side line
Two off Unregulated Sidelines 550 Lpm per side line
2 x 50kg Monnex Drop Down Dry Powder Cylinders
High pressure hose reel: 130 lpm @ 40 bar
GRP superstructure, 5 lockers per side

Available serviced and tested


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