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Hagglunds BV206

Item Ref: 214

We have just been advised that the following BV206 units have just come in.

Following routine servicing and a freshen up these two units will be ready to go to work.

These are Hagglunds BV206 fitted with the 6 cylinder Mercedes Diesel powerplant.

The rear doors have been replaced with roller shutters behind which is a first aid hose real and storage for lay flat hose.

The seats have been uprated to brigade seating with recessed B.A. gear storage

The rear pod contains water and foam tanks (capacity details to follow) which are linked to a centrifugal Tohatsu V75GS fire pump (producing 1500-2000lpm)

This provides suction and twin instantaneous outlets.

They also have a roof mounted remote controlled monitor (FireFox Style 3463) fitted above the passenger side

We haven't determined a price for these since we prefer to make sure that they are in good working order first but there is likely to be significant interest in them.

To register an interest, please email us or send us a message.


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