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Fire Engines For Sale

Hagglunds BV206

Item Ref: 205

All Terrain Emergency Response Vehicle.

This (special build) vehicle is ideal for any emergency situations where the terrain is impossible to cross by normal everyday vehicles.

The vehicle has bespoke built body with roller shutters and an integrated 800L-1000L tank which is mated to an number of fire fighting units available and which gives a prolonged fire fighting capability.

The lockers provide storage space and are outfitted with high quality pull out trays for the storage of smaller items of equipment.

An AS ladder gantry is fitted to the roof to carry a double extending ladder It is also fitted with bull bar and 2500kg electric winch.

We can outfit these vehicles to suit a customers requirements to meet a number of roll requirements including for example:

Dedicated Fire Fighting unit
Rescue Unit
Flood Unit
Mountain Rescue

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