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We supply good quality 4x4 and 6x6 airport crash tenders as released due to appliance upgrade programs.

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Evems.com - Fire Engines For Sale - Rosenbauer Panther 6x6

Fire Engines For Sale

Rosenbauer Panther 6x6

Item Ref: 249

  • 2017 Rosenbauer 6x6 Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Chassis
  • Spacious two door cab with seating for maximum driver plus five (total six)
  • 700bhp turbocharged Volvo D16 Euro 5
  • Twin Disc six speed fully automatic transmission
  • High performance with acceleration 0-80kph (50mph) within 32 seconds
  • Top speed 115km/h
  • Total permissible GVW 37,000kg
  • Overall Length 11,770mm (inc Bumper Turret)
  • Overall Width 3,400mm
  • Overall Height 3,650mm
  • Full time all wheel drive, with single tyres to each wheel
  • High performance coil spring suspension system providing excellent off and on road capabilities
  • Power divider utilised for pump and roll capabilities for the fire pump
  • Anti lock braking system (abs)
  • Air Con in cab
  • Sit and strap BA brackets for 3 fire fighter seats
  • 12,500 Litre capacity water tank
  • 1600 litre capacity foam tank
  • N80 single stage centrifugal Fire pump rated at 9000 litres per minute at 12 bar
  • Automatic around the pump foam proportioning system
  • Rm80c electronically remote controlled Water / Foam Roof Monitor 100mtr jet
  • Rm15c electronically remote controlled Water / Foam Bumper Turret Monitor 65mtr jet
  • Two restricted/ two de-restricted side lines
  • Ground sweep under truck protection nozzles
  • 250kg dry powder capacity extinguisher with 40m discharge hose reel
  • Siren/ PA system beacons and air traffic warning lamp


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