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We supply good quality fire engines and equipment as released from ministry service.

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  • Water Tender Ladders

    Evems.com - Fire Engines For Sale - Type B - Water Rescue Ladders

    Water Tender Ladders or WTL's as they are known are the general purpose type fire engines most commonly seen on the roads in the UK and which carry water for fire fighting as well as anscilliary equipment.

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  • Rapid Intervention

    Evems.com - Fire Engines For Sale - Rapid Intervention Vehicles

    Rapid Intervention Vehicles or RIV's as they are known are the latest first responder vehicles that can get through traffic and into more restricted traffic areas to provide that all important first attack.

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  • Emergency Water

    Evems.com - Fire Engines For Sale - Emergency Water Tankers

    Emergency Water Tankers are what the fire service will call out when there is a major fire and where that fire is at a location where water is in very short supply or totally unavailable e.g. remote moorland fires

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  • Aerials

    Evems.com - Fire Engines For Sale - Aerial Ladders and Platforms

    Aerials consists of aerial ladder / platform units (ALPs) and the newer combination appliances which have both extending ladder and platform as well as a WtL spec pumping delivery system.

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  • Airport Appliances

    Evems.com - Fire Engines For Sale - Airport Fire and Rescue Appliances

    Airport fire engines are a special type of appliance which in general are very big due to the need to carry up to 12,000L+ of water at speed and have monitors to throw foam considerable distances.

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  • Special Vehicles

    Evems.com - Fire Engines For Sale - Special Build Vehicles

    There are a variety of specialist vehicles that are used within the British Fire Service including the Hagglunds BV206 ATV which can carry equipment and personnel over rough terrain.

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A very rare late model

(2007) Volvo FL 280

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Welcome to Evems.com

The UK's leading suppliers of quality used fire engines

Here you will find the very best in quality used fire engines large and small as released from brigade service.

Evems Limited (supplying fire engines for sale) was founded in 2005 to meet the growing demand for good quality second hand machines and equipment. Customers include industrial brigades and overseas customers alike.

We specialise in the sale of good quality ex. UK brigade appliances which have been removed from brigade service.

Vehicles are usually released due to being replaced for newer models or which are surplus to requirements. (Example: training or reserve appliances being released due to cut backs in government spending.)

Appliances which turn up in the marketplace on auction sites and via private sellers or which cannot be viewed operating should be avoided, they have a tendency to be there for a reason and that reason is generally not a good one.

Vehicles supplied via Evems Limited are either thoroughly checked as standard or, in some cases we provide the option to have them inspected by a reputable third party to ensure that they are fit for purpose.

We do everything possible to ensure that the customers requirements for a serviceable appliance are satisfied in full.

Evems - RFFS - 198

  • Evems.com - Fire Engines For Sale - Simon Protector 4x4

    Fire Engines For Sale

    Simon Protector 4x4

    Item Ref: 198

    Auto Gearbox
    Mileage 37,514
    Water tank 6,000ltrs
    Foam tank 500lltrs
    Two deliveries left and right in the side lockers
    Blue light bar fitted to the roof
    2 small blues at front and rear
    Siren and Speaker
    Fully serviced and tested
    In excellent condition
    Ready to work

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    Special Build - Hagglunds BV206

    The video below shows a demonstration of one of the Hagglunds BV206 All Terrain Vehicles, these amazing machines are perfect for fire fighting duties in rough terrain environments where standard Type B's might not be able to gain access.

    They are are also very well suited to flooding scenario's due to their ability to work flooding conditions, they are even amphibious in some formats. More information is available on these vehicles by visiting www.bv206.co.uk