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FireBug are British fire fighting equipment manufacturers using water mist technology.


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Who is Firebug

FireBug, born in the UK manufactures and supplies to Fire & Rescue Services and Original Equipment Manufacturers with high quality, water efficient fire fighting equipment and cutting-edge technology.

Pushing the boundaries of accepted practices and traditional products, FireBug are committed to the research and development of unique technologies for the fire fighting industry. Through a dedicated development program the company specialises in harnessing the power and simplicity of the previously prohibited natural element ‘water’ in the extinguishing of all fires, including class B and class F fires.

Working in partnership with a number of British Fire and Rescue Services and fire fighting equipment distributers and leading fire suppression experts, all equipment is tried and tested to the maximum, being designed, created and recreated until they are perfected.

The products include vehicle fire fighting systems known as the RescueMax, fire fighting skids ‘MistMax‘, portable water fire suppression kits in a back pack form ‘BacPac‘, fire fighting nozzles ‘MistNozzle‘ and more.

The equipment range is cost effective, easy to use, safe for the fire fighter and focusses on water saving at the core of each design, due to the 100% environmentally friendly water mist technology used.

Along with new and unique fire systems FireBug also support their customers with a comprehensive range of traditional product and technologies. The FireBug team are dedicated and focused, committed to making the FireBug experience positive and enjoyable. The team works with an elite number of customers to distribute their technologies through the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Europe and The Africas’.

FireBug’s range of products are manufactured in the UK, they offer environmentally friendly fire fighting equipment ensuring fire fighter safety and water saving at the forefront of product delivery.

Some of the Systems we offer... (Adobe Acrobat Required)

Download the Backpac Brochure Download the MaxiMist Brochure Download the MistMax Pro Brochure
FireBug BacPac  FireBug ST15 MaxiMist Nozzle FireBug MaxiMist Pro 
 Download the RescueMax ATV Brochure    
FireBug RescueMax ATV    

 Evems Limited are Official Worldwide Distributers for the Firebug WaterMist range of products