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FireBug Group - award distributor status for the Water Misting systems to Evems Limited.


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We recommend the units for all the appliances we sell whether it is a full size Tybe B domestic unit or one of the rapid response units.

Because the only part needed is the branch it represents a massive saving on the cost of fogging systems which require a specific type of pump whereas the FireBug WaterMist branch simply replaces the existing Akron or Delta type units as would normally be installed.

FireBug's - WaterMist is the only method in the world to extinguish all classes of fire using only water and no additives, ensuring a truly environmentally friendly solution.


Benefits of Water Mist

What are the Benefits?

  • 100% environmentally friendly and responsible
  • Toxic-free agents for safe fire fighting
  • Designed for most fire risks, A, B, C, D*, E and F
  • Little or no collateral damage after discharge
  • Lower life cycle costs
  • No thermal shock or electrical conductivity resulting from discharge
  • Perfectly safe for use in highly populated locations, around or directly on humans and animals
  • Leaves almost no residue when applied to the fire due to evaporation
  • Safety for the user due to mist barrier / curtain between fire and operator. Small droplets result in heat absorption.
  • Safe on electrics up to 35kV

*Suitable for use on non oxidising D class fires only.

Some of the Systems we offer... (Adobe Acrobat Required)

Download the Backpac Brochure Download the MaxiMist Brochure Download the MistMax Pro Brochure
FireBug BacPac  FireBug ST15 MaxiMist Nozzle FireBug MaxiMist Pro 
 Download the RescueMax ATV Brochure    
FireBug RescueMax ATV    


BBC Coverage

In Nov 2014, the BBC covered the entry into service of the new nozzle

Fire crews test ST15 WaterMist'eco-nozzle' 

To view the report  CLICK HERE



Video Demonstration

We have a growing library of videos which we will in time make available through the site but for now, the most compelling video is the one below which demonstrates (under controlled training conditions) how the Maxi WaterMisting branch (formerly known as the ST15) is used to extinguish a gas flame.

Watch how the fine water droplets of the WaterMist branch easily knocks out the fire (and no, they didn't just turn off the gas) using up to 65% less water than is used in the second example where a standard Akron type branch is used to try unsuccessfully to extinguish the same fire.


You can see from the video that straight away the WaterMist branch immediately knocks the flames out.

This test was performed WITHOUT additives i.e. AFFF foam's etc.  ONLY WATER was used in this demonstration.


So... Who is FireBug?


Evems Limited are Official Worldwide Distributers for the Firebug WaterMist range of products