Fire Fogging Systems 

Fogging Systems are the most effective means of tackling fires in remote areas or where there is little or no access to water due to the effectiveness of the systems use of the available water carried by the vehicle.

This installation mated to either an RIV such as our BRV270's or even a full size Tybe B appliance carrying 1,800L of water means a very effective appliance which can tackle fires for an extended period.

The benefits of fogging systems are 

  • Capable Of Tackling A & B Type Fires
  • Lightweight Hoses - One Man Can Handle 60 Metre Hose With Ease
  • Less Tiring On Fire Fighter
  • Most Eco Friendly And Cost Effective Unique Fire Fighting Pumps
  • Reduces Water Damage - 95% Evaporation with Accurate Water Droplets
  • Little to No Water Run-Off - No Contamination
  • Small Enough To Go Anywhere Ideally Suited For Rapid Response Vehicles, Type B's, Motorcycles and even to be Air Lifted By Helicopter

For an area not served by a hydrant system or failing that access to an open water source, the fogging system allows extended fire fighting capability for:-

  • Car Fires
  • Moorland / Grass Fires
  • Small Building Fires
  • Bin / Container Fires
  • Rubbish Fires

Below is a comparison chart to show the amount of water used by a standard appliance to tackle a number of common scenarios and the equivalent amount of water used by a fogging system.

Comparison chart

We can provide single or double hose reel systems to suit customer requirements.... call for details.