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We specialise in the disposal of fleet appliances in accordance with Brigade and Governmental guidelines

 We specialise in the disposal of fleet appliances in accordance with brigade and governmental guidelines

If you are a brigade or leasing company and have vehicles to be disposed of, please give us a call or use the link below to send us an email.

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The F.A.S. Ultra provides an extremely cost effective option for fighting both solid and liquid fuel fires. This compact fire fighting system offers the fire fighter a totally safe, reliable and flexible means to quickly extinguish fire with between 80 and 90% less water used than conventional fire fighting equipment, which would typically deliver 200 litres per minute at 7 – 10 Bar, through a 19-22mm standard hose reel.

The F.A.S. units adapt very well for fitting to any 4 wheel drive all terrain vehicles.

Users of the F.A.S. Ultra include the Fire and Rescue Service, used in areas of restricted access on narrow country lanes or where water is not readily available in large quantities. Land Managers use F.A.S. to control the clearing of land by means of burning vegetation such as heather and bracken.

Fas Fire System in use


F.A.S Ultra is able to produce a thick foam using ‘FREEFOR’ to produce a fire break to contain fire and provide safe working areas. During a land fire, the F.A.S. systems are used to control the burning flanks of the fire, reducing the number of‘fire beaters’ and making best use of manpower.

 Video - Introduction to the Fire Attack System - (Click on to play)