Export Sales


We have substantial experience in the export of vehicles around the world and can walk customers through the process from purchase to delivery at port.

The smaller RIV's can be shipped in containers (recommended) or RoRo (Roll on / Roll off) where the vehicle is litterally driven onto and off the vessel. Larger appliances can be shipped on Flat Racks or again by RoRo.


 Fire appliances do not need an export licence and therefore if we have a vehicle available then there is no delay waiting for governmental paperwork.

We will provide a competitive quote to include collection and delivery to U.K. port i.e. (FOB) through to fully insured delivery to end user country port of entry (CIF).

We can take care of all UK customs clearance and provide customers with a hassle free service.

For shipping or collection in the U.K. we recommend using the following: www.shiply.co.uk